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Pink! Discover all secrets


Pink is the symbolic color of the sweet world of Pink Sugar.
In this article we will discover the meaning of this beautiful color, its history and many other curiosities.


The color pink symbolizes the ability to give and receive love and helps people to open up to others. It enhances women’s intuition, while helping men understand and interact better with them. Moreover, it has the ability to lighten the mind and drive away negative thoughts.
Pink gives vitality in love for others and for oneself, increases the ability to forgive and expresses the need to give and receive attention.Those who love pink love passionately, giving their all and trying to better understand the partner, loving them unconditionally.
Those who prefer this color tend to love soft and ethereal rooms and want to surround themselves with tender, sweet and quiet people.


We are soused to associating pink with women, but in the past centuries this color was linked to the world of men. This is because, in some cultures, pink was considered a variant of red, a symbol of masculinity and masculine strength. Brightened by white, red turns to pink, thus becoming a symbol of spirituality and purity of mind.
Even in the eighteenth century, it was perfectly normal to see a man dressed in pink and, most importantly, there were no distinctions for the clothes of boys and girls, for whom white clothes were used. The main reason was practicality, since they were easier to wash and bleach.
Things changed in the '30s and' 40s, when men began to favor dark-colored clothes, associated with the business world, and to leave the light pastel colors to women, perceived as more feminine and tied to the domestic sphere.
Even children's clothing began to differentiate itself by gender, but there were not yet precise rules to be followed regarding colors.
It was only in the 50s that a precise assignment began: pink for her, blue for him. But it was a completely random and arbitrary choice.From this moment on, pink ended up being identified with the world of women and became omnipresent: clothing, accessories, consumer goods, toys ...


It's not just a toy, it's an icon: throughout its history, Barbie has played a key role in connecting pink to girls.
The most famous doll in the world has worn many pink dresses and its accessories are almost always of this color: houses, regal princess beds, cars etc. The color of Barbie is Rosa Shocking, so famous it deserves its own Pantone reference: the rose 219 U.


The flowers of this color are among the most widespread in nature.
In general, they symbolize kindness, delicacy, grace, joy, youth and, of course, love!
In particular, roses in pale pink express admiration, appreciation and good towards the person to whom they are given, the "medium" pink roses represent positive and joyful feelings, while the dark pink roses symbolize tenderness and gratitude.
The pink flowers are the perfect choice for Mother's Day, as a present for a bride or for Valentine's Day, and are suitable for wonderful bouquets for the bride and groom on their wedding day. They can be perfect gifts for all the people we care for and appreciate most.
In addition to roses, there are many flowers of this popular color: the orchid, the lily, the hydrangea, the gerbera, the tulip, the freesia, the calla, the amaryllis and cherry blossoms, which in Japan, during the Hanami (term that means their flowering) create spectacular scenes that attract tourists from all over the world.


For a long time, pink has been associated mainly with the world of girls and women who did not want to grow up, but now things have changed.
Finally free from any sexist bias, pink dominated the last Spring / Summer 2018 catwalks and has become so popular that a specific hue has been developed and named for the age: the Millennial Pink.
This shade of pink, halfway between pale pink and salmon peach, is not just a color but a way of being. It is a fluid tint that does not pay heed to definitions, is neither feminine nor masculine, and perfectly represents the Y generation.
Thanks to its great ability to calm the mind and reduce anxiety, in these confusing times pink is the perfect color for new generations who want to feel free.
Pink also represents strength and success, against any kind of prejudice: think, for example, of Elle Woods, the protagonist of the film "Legally Blonde" of 2001, starring Reese Witherspoon. As a stereotypical blonde girl, seemingly ditzy and always dressed in pink, she proves to instead be brilliant, successful and very intelligent!
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