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Bath or shower?



A shower in the morning is perfect to awaken the body and stimulate circulation, while at night it is an effective way to erase any trace of tiredness from the body.
The ideal is always to take a hot shower first, soaping carefully, and then finish with a jet of cold water, giving a burst of energy to the whole body and toning the skin and tissues.
The right temperature for a shower with hot water is around 37 degrees.
In the summer, with tanned skin, the shower is the best choice, similarly for those who have very fragile and delicate skin. This is because, unlike the bath, the water, rich in limestone, is not in contact with the skin for too long, which can weaken the hydrolipidic film.

The shower is also the best choice for the environment and consumption savings. Obviously, however, that depends on how long we are under the jet of water.
For a shower of about 7-8 minutes you need 60 liters of water, while, for a fifteen- minute shower, 100 liters: practically the equivalent of taking a bath.
The ideal is to take a short shower of about 3-5 minutes and, if we want to prolong the time, to take just a few precautions, such as closing the jet while we lather the body or hair, or while we are waiting for balms and beauty creams they run their course.

And the shower ... did you ever wonder how old it is?
Ancient artefacts have shown that rudimentary top washing techniques were already present in ancient Egypt and Greece. This type of washing, however, was not associated with the hygiene of the body but rather with the purification of the soul. The descent of water from the head to the feet became a symbolic gesture: the water erased sins and the soul regained its serenity and its purity.
Only in the nineteenth century was the shower as we understand it today born, as a quick and effective cleaning tool.
It was the French doctor Merry Delabost who invented it in 1872. Doctor of the Bonne- Nouvelle prison in Rouen, he introduced it to guarantee a better level of hygiene for prisoners. They were collective showers, but the flow was individual.
Soon they spread to the barracks as a compulsory practice, but they were always outside. Over time, they have become a fixed and necessary feature in houses, thereby reducing water waste, stopping the spread of infectious diseases and improving people's hygiene.


The bathroom is an ancient ritual and the best choice to treat yourself to a real moment of relaxation and to relieve muscle tension.
The best time to do it is in the evening, especially in winter.
On the other hand, what better way to warm up than to immerse yourself in the warmth of a steaming bathtub?

Furthermore, the vapors released by the water favor vasodilatation: in this way they open the pores, allowing a deep cleaning and, at the same time, freeing the respiratory tract.
If you take a bath from time to time, then don’t stop: fill the pool with fluffy clouds of bubble bath, relax and forget the clock. To relax even more, light a candle and put your favorite music in the background.
If instead you love to bathe very often, remember that the water must never exceed the temperature of 40 degrees (the ideal is 37-38 degrees) and not to stay in the water for more than 15 minutes.
Do not overdo the foam and soap at the end of the bath, so as not to dry the skin. The ideal is to end the bath with a very short cold shower, so as to close the pores and give a boost of energy to your body.
After a bath, it is always better to apply a moisturizer to moisturize and nourish the skin.
The bath is ideal for those with oily skin, as it allows better cleaning, especially if you also use natural sponges and exfoliants that promote cell renewal.

The pleasure of being immersed in warm water been favoured by many celebrities and historical figures of the past: from Cleopatra, who loved to bath herself in donkey milk, to Lucrezia Borgia, from Paolina Borghese, Napoleon's first wife, to Marilyn Monroe, who claimed to love bathing in a tub filled with champagne.
From the point of view of saving and the environment, however, the bath is not the best choice, because filling a tank consumes more than 100 liters of water.
The ideal, therefore, is to allow yourself these moments of relaxation not too often, so as to make them even more precious.

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