Paglieri 1876 is the first perfume collection of the eponymous brand inspired by tales of travel in the most fascinating Italian cities.

Paglieri 1876: unique experiences
Intense and unisex, the six Eau de Parfum evoke moments, memories and strong emotions to guide the imagination with the sense of smell. The collection is dedicated to a refined audience, lovers of beauty, admirers of Italian culture and style.

Seductive and inviting, Agrigentum immediately conquers with the scent of oriental exotic flowers entwining with citrusy notes reminiscent of Sicily. The packaging is inspired by the colorful and ancient Sicilian carts.


A bright and fresh scent characterizes Amalphia, in which floral and citrus notes meet in perfect harmony. The packaging is inspired by the majolica of the Amalfi coast.


Sensual and mysterious, Florentia surprises and conquers with its notes of spicy rose, wood and leather. The packaging of the fragrance recalls the cherished Florentine cards.


A magnificent symphony of citrus and wood gives life to a fresh and refined fragrance. Its packaging is inspired by the Art Nouveau style of Genoese villas.


The rose is the true protagonist of this essence, sublimated by mandarin and delicate rose berries. The elegant packaging is inspired by the mosaics and marble of marvelous Rome.


With its oriental and evocative notes, Venetiae envelops and fascinates, just like the city it represents. The packaging is inspired by the wonderful baroque rose windows of the Venetian palaces

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